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Video Slots Online for Canadian Players

Slots Online are arguably the most popular type of game available to play today, and a video slot features pretty much like a regular slot machine you would find inside a casino. The main difference with a video slot, is that they often feature bonus rounds that are presented as special events or free spins. These can be found in slots online, but the beauty of the internet and video slots is that the creators of the slot games have a lot more flexibility with the graphical animations, leading to a more exciting and thorough gaming experience.

Another big factor with slots online is that they are typically more graphically and audio advanced than traditional slots, and you will often see moving animations, 3-D cinematic graphics, and technologically advanced audio soundtracks – these help to immerse players within the game and offer an unrivalled experience that simply can’t be found in a land-based casino or traditional slot game. Older computers may struggle to run these state-of-the-art video slot games, but if you’re playing on a modern device, you should have no problems whatsoever.

Slots Online on Our Website

You’ll find an assortment of Slots Online Reviews located on our website that focuses on Microgaming and Play’n Go for the Canadian marketplace. These are two developers known to create iconic Video Slots that’ll maintain memorable playthroughs & enthralling features consisting of Bonus Rounds, Bonus Multipliers, Expanding Wilds, Locked Wilds, and Free Games.

Canadians interacting with the slots online we’ve designated won’t be disappointed with their play-through. Versatile gameplay is distributed, while winning combinations exceeding Hundreds of Dollars can be won. The acquisition of those payouts depends on various factors. For example, staked wagers influence how prizes are evaluated within the paytable.

The Slots Reviews listed throughout this website prioritize the visual components, gameplay mechanics, bonus features, and accessibility options. We’ll identify how participants can approach these gambling products & distinguish the maximum amount that’ll be won when accessing a slot online. For fascinated readers, examine our website to locate the Best Slot possible.

Why Play Slots Online?

There’ll be numerous amenities & perks provided with an online slot. For instance, punters can maintain their playthroughs via desktops and smartphones. You aren’t limited to wagering from home, as LTE or 5G Connections always allow for international accessibility. But accessibility options are minimal when comparing the gameplay advantages issued throughout an online slot.

There’ll be differing layouts consisting of 3-Reels, 5-Reels, 243 Ways-to-Win, and All Paylines. The gameplay objectives changes with each that’s selected by participants. In response, gambling products listed at Slot Machines feel invigorated & expansive.

Slots Online are favoured by Online Casinos. As such, promotional incentives are supplied to participants that’ll compete when additional funds are loaded into their accounts. Therefore, bonuses are corroborated with the online slots. There’ll be Match Deposits and Free Spins released as promotions, whereby bankrolls will become increased or spun wagers will be alleviated of their cost. In return, gameplay possibilities for punters become somewhat endless.


Theoretically speaking, each and every slot online game that you come across online is classified as a video slot, for the reason that it is delivered through video.

The thing that really distinguishes a video slot online from a regular slot is that it typically has 10 or more different pay lines, where as traditional slots will usually only have one, two, or three. The added number of pay lines means that symbols do not have to line up in a straight line in order for you to win, and if you’re playing a game with.

Almost all of the slots online can be played from both mobile phones and tablets, and while it depends heavily on the casino you choose to play with, the games themselves should render just fine on all modern phones and tablets.

If you are looking to enjoy a highly exhilarating and exciting video slot session, it’s highly recommended that you check out the great range of Microgaming video slots available today.

Many of the Microgaming and PlayN’go video slots can also be trialled in demo mode on our website, giving you the opportunity to game in a free play mode before having to invest any of your own money. This helps you to get a thorough understanding of the game before you risk real money, and allows you to find a game that you’re happy and comfortable with before playing the real mode.

5-Reel Slots and Progressives have acquired prominence throughout the global marketplace. However, Classic Slots remain popular.

There’ll be themed settings portraying Film, Television, Games, History, Mythology, Geography, and numerous other subjects.

Play Slots Online for Free

If you are looking at playing an online video slot, there’s a chance you might have a few questions especially if it’s your first time. Many slots online are quite confusing to get the hang of, but we have done everything we can to make these slots games as accessible and easy to pick up as possible.

Each video slot varies in terms of what it offers and how it is delivered, but typically they all offer fairly similar dynamics which can be summed up quite easily.

Every slot online game in the world will feature at least one pay line, but video slots typically feature between 10 and 50 pay lines dependent on which game you’re playing. The pay line is basically the line in which winning symbols must appear in order for you to be paid out in casino-based slot games, like the ones you can probably imagine in Las Vegas. The symbols usually must be on one row; just think of the three cherries you typically associated with slot games.

The beauty with online slots however is that you don’t need all symbols to be in a straight line, and many video slots feature pay lines that go from the top left of the screen to the bottom right of the screen, vice versa, and many ways in between. The pay line is also part of the determination of your total stake, as you have full customisation over how much to play on each pay line.

One thing that is worth noting, is that while it can be tempting to play with just one or two pay lines in order to hit bonus rounds without spending much, during bonus and free spins round the number of pay lines you already playing will be present, meaning that it’s all relative. Usually it is advised to play as many pay lines as there are possible, as this will give you the best chance of winning.

Latest Video Slots Online on

Find a slot game you actually enjoy

There’s nothing worse than playing a game you simply don’t enjoy, and while large jackpot pay-outs and exciting bonus and feature rounds can be a great attraction point in many slots, there’s no point playing a slot game you’re just not happy with.

For example, one of Microgaming’s most popular video slot games around today is the official Immortal Romance video slot, and while this is a fantastically creative game which features phenomenal animations and audio soundtracks, if you are not an Immortal Romance fan, you’re probably just not going to enjoy it, that’s because it is tailored around the players who do like vampire themed games, and if you don’t have any personal interest in it, then what’s the point playing?

A really good way to find a slot game you actually enjoy is to head over and try the demo versions on our website and browse through the different games available. This gives you an honest and transparent overview of all of their slot games, and allows you to make an informed decision without the persuasive actions of casinos who will tend to get you to play the games that they wanted to play, not the way it should be.

Find a slot game that offers a fair payout percentage

Playing slots online that offers a decent payout percentage is crucial to the amount of money you manage to win, and you can view a really interesting article on payout percentages by clicking here.

Thankfully, many slots online games offer payout percentages as high as 98%, meaning that almost all of them give you the chance to win big. You can find payout percentage information on a casino’s website itself, allowing you to see exactly how much the slot game returns to players over the course of a year.

Before rushing in to deposit real money on any given slot game, take your time to find a game you’re happy and comfortable with. Familiarise yourself with the controls, know exactly how much you’re staking per spin, and make sure the bonus and feature rounds are of interest to you. Once you’ve found your slot machine, simply deposit money into online casino account and you can begin playing.

Slots Online with Bonuses

Like mentioned earlier, video slots usually feature a bonus feature round, and this can either be presented as a separate game feature, or within a free spins animation, in some cases, a slot game will feature both.

A free spins round is fairly self-explanatory, and this is when the slot game offers you a certain number of free spins dependent on how many bonus symbols you manage to land. During free spins rounds, your wins can be multiplied by up to 5X. This is dependent on the slot game you’re playing and the casino website you play at, but many of Microgaming’s video slots feature bonus multipliers that becomes active during free spins round.

During free spins, you also have the chance to win even more free spins on certain games, simply by landing even more of the relevant symbols. This gives you the chance to enjoy the free spins round for a near indefinite period, and helps to make the gaming experience as enjoyable as possible.

Bonus feature rounds vary hugely from slot to slot, but are generally triggered when landing three or more of the bonus symbols. When this happens, you will be taken to a separate window where you will enter a bonus game. This can include a multitude of different things, and there are far too many to talk about in this short article as they vary so much from slot to slot, so it’s best that you check out an individual slot yourself to see what exciting bonus round are available.

One thing that is worth noting is that bonus rounds are typically where the larger wins are found, and big developer companies such as Microgaming offer some of the highest and most lucrative rewards. In fact, they were voted the players favourite software provider multiple times, simply due to the large wins that casino players experience! This means, if you’re looking to win big, choosing a Microgaming slot is a decision you almost certainly won’t regret.

Play Progressive Jackpots

Certain video slots you see online will feature what is called a progressive jackpot, and this is when the slot game shares a jackpot some with other online casinos which also feature the game.

A progressive jackpot can range from a few thousand pounds right up to up to C$15 million, and the longer it goes without being won, the larger it gets. Microgaming are responsible for some of the largest and most highly rewarding progressive jackpots ever seen online, and their current highest jackpot is found on the Mega Moolah slots, which totals at almost $C6.5 million!

To play a progressive jackpot slot you don’t need to do anything differently than playing a regular slot, and all that is different is that a tiny proportion of your overall stake is added to the jackpot balance.

Play by Payout Percentages

As an online casino player, you are undoubtedly interested in the potential payouts from any slot, and to be honest, you can’t be blamed for thinking that way. Playing with your own money is a big decision, and players deserve to know the truth about how much a slot game will pay out.

Every slot game on the planet will feature what is called a payout percentage, and in simple terms, this is the amount that a slot machine returns to a player over a certain amount of time, usually a year.

For example, if you find a slot game with a 99% payout ratio, it means that for every C$100 that slot game takes from players, it will pay out an average of C$99 back. Now this statistic is taken over a year, and should not be used to make short term decisions about which game to play, but it can give you a good idea and indication of which games tend to pay out the most.

At almost every casino website you will be able to view the current payout percentage of their video slot games from an information page, and if you can’t find this you can either contact customer support who will be happy to provide an answer, or alternatively you can head on to the Microgaming website where you can find a full breakdown of each and every one of their games currently available to play.

Final Thoughts about Online Slots

Few gambling products have amassed the popularity & reputation that Online Slot Machines have maintained within recent decades. There’ll be gameplay and winning payouts that feel gratifying to consumers. Moreover, payouts ascertained via these Slots can accumulate the players monthly income. It’ll be that monetary advantage that motivates consumers into registering an account with a Canadian Online Casino & participating with an Electronic Slot Machine.

For those moving forward with registration, we’d recommend acquiring bonuses that favour Video Slots. By enlisting the Match Deposit or Free Spins, Punters heighten their Odds at receiving compensation when betting. It’ll be these attributes & numerous others that compels an enrolment.

Most developers release their Online Slots on monthly rotations, meaning punters can maintain updated playthroughs per month.

Slot Tournaments comprise of significant prize pools that’ll typically be worth Hundreds of Thousands. In most circumstances, these competitions focus on a specific developer. Players are allowed to wager on that developers Video Slots & increase their position on the leaderboards. Whoever stands in 1st Place will acquire the top payout.

Match Deposit Bonuses are commonplace & widely perceived as the best promotional incentives available to consumers. Why? Because whatever is deposited within the stipulated limits is replicated by 100% to 250% Margins. That’ll mean $100 in deposited finances could present bankrolls worth $350.

Punters that’d prefer to maintain control over their playthroughs can stop the reels in most circumstances. However, some Video Slots terminate that feature.